Munday is a media sharing app that aggregates users into a feed based on their location. Users can share photos, videos, and direct URL links.

They can also vote on content and integrate existing social media accounts. The problem we solve is the acquirement of a user-base, audience, or followers. On Instagram and Twitter people follow you, and your reach or influence in that respective network is largely determined by how many followers you have. This leaves the users with several hundred followers, in a sense, gimped. There is the local feed which groups people based on their surroundings. And there is a global feed that displays all the posts submitted to the app. This is a network that is easy to get started and gain value. You're instantly connected to a large group of people (the global feed), and the people around you (the local feed), and we have a very minimal account system, requiring no email, Facebook, or even a username. We also help you gain followers on existing social media apps by providing an option to integrate your Snapchat or Instagram.